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Here comes the sun

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a very nice Sunday, it was very sunny here today and we spent a lot of time outside with the dogs. It is just amazing in winter when every now and than the sun comes out and reminds you of the spring and summer that are coming ahead. Today’s outfit is casual, black shirt with pair of jeans and that is basically it. I love high heels and I just have to wear them every  time possible. I know that they seem high but actually they are very comfortable and stable to walk in.

There are still couple of things that remind me of Christmas that was here not so long ago. Candles and some gold details. 🙂

As it says on my “About” page I am a proud owner of two dogs and one of them you will meet today. He is a Yorkie named Matisse and he is very special and attached to me. I know that is waaaaaay too big to be a real Yorkie but his personality is just perfect. Always so confused and adorable.   

Wish you all the best and a lot of sunny days.

Always, Gaia

 High heels


Picture on the bridge


Picture with Matisse




Camera shoot


Photo from behind




Last memory of Christmas


Profile shoot


H&M basic shirt (here)
CK watch (here)
Pandora bracelet (here)
Asos bag (old, similar here)
H&M jeans (old, similar here)
The scarf and shoes where purchased while traveling, in local boutiques.


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