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Aye aye everyone, 

I know I have not been around much but there is a reason! 🙂 I was in a process of moving to a new city. It was really stressful and tough but somehow I managed to pull it off and here I am in Glasgow! Biggest city in Scotland and the city that has the most retail stores in UK after London. There will be definitely a lot to do around here. 😀

I moved here to finish my University and have a lot of fun!!! I am already planning all the little trips and other awesome activities that I am going to do here. All in all I really like city (so far) even though I have to admit that understanding the Scottish accent is not the easiest. But I am managing it. I also have to get used to cold and unpredictable weather; one minute is raining and another is sunny… It can be really funny but I  have to buy an umbrella!

Now to my post, I am just going to show you some pics of this really friendly city and a couple of meals that I had so far. I am really not a fast food person but a hot dog every now and then is a must. 😀

I also went shopping for little things that make me feel like home, I bought beautiful mug that reminds me of my little dog called Momo (I am calling her Mosey Rosey) and that is why I selected the roses on the mug. I also got some really nice slippers and most importantly a BIG BIG scarf that will keep me warm in these windy and cold days. Least but not least I bought nice warm white sweater, I figured that I am wearing way too much black so this was kind of the beginning of implementing some white into my life.  



One minute sun...


...the other minute rain and it des not stop


The best hot dog in a whole world


Mexican food


First shopping


I felt really great in this sweater and could not help myself but to take some selfies! 🙂 Sometimes you just need to be goofy!

Selfie time :)


All the items that I purchased you will see in my next post where I’m going to tell you where I bought it. 🙂


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