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Hello everyone,

I am so excited to tell you about my experience this past weekend! As you all know, I just moved to Glasgow for a few of months and now it’s time to do some exploring of the cities in Scotland. I went to Edinburgh and I am really impressed. I have to say Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities (so far) that I have ever visited. OK, yes weather is horrible.. I am not denying that, but the architecture is incredible!

So this post will be about my outfit that I was wearing and Edinburgh as a city as well. If you will ever have a chance to visit Edinburgh you should definitely do it!

It was a whole day trip so I wanted to wear something comfortable and warm yet fashionable. I wore a lot of layers of clothes under my coat because I knew weather won’t be nice (that was not hard to predict). 🙂 Despite all the clothes I was still cold most of the time but it was all worth it. 

Long black coat, jeans, boots, handbag, and my new BIG scarf were the basic items that created my traveling outfit. I decided to bring my big bag since I was carrying around a lot or things (from water and kleenex to phone and wallet).

Let me tell you a little bit about my journey. From Glasgow with train to Edinburgh where I started with a triple chocolate muffin and a cappuccino. Walked through the city towards the National Museum of Scotland; (seriously that was the best national museum I have ever seen) and I really like museums and everywhere I travel I visit one, but this one is really special.   

After the museum I went so see the statue of the dog (Bobby, The most famous dog in Scotland); there a whole story about it and if you want you can read it here. Later, I had a really amazing lunch at The Elephant House which supposed to be the “birthplace of Harry Potter”. You can see more about it here. As a Harry Potter fan, I just had to do it. 😀 Full with new energy after lunch I went to see the Edinburgh castle witch was really amazing but the weather was getting really bad. So windy and sometimes I was unable to walk; luckily they have a lot of exhibitions inside but just so you know the castle is huge. It took me 2 hours to walk around and to see the castle but I am sure I missed some parts. Last but not least I went to see the cathedral which was also really nice.

After the whole day of exploring I was really tired and just wanted to go home and get some sleep. All in all it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back and explore it even more! Also, the people here are really friendly and nice!!! 




Starting the day


Street in Edinburgh


National museum of Scotland


Despite the fact that Scotland is not really big they are still very proud and they want to make sure that you understand that they are completely separated from England. It is like one country with two different countries inside. 🙂 Very different.

Proud Scott


Touching the nose


Harry Potter


Amazing lunch


In front of the castle


Amazing view



Zara coat (old, similar here)
Prima Donna boots (here)
New look scarf
Parfois bag (old, similar here)
H&M jeans (old, similar here)  

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