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Hi everyone,

I know I have not been around in a while but I will be posting more regularly now. The past few months has been relatively boring for me since I was focusing on my University. I had several nice experiences but my photographer was not with me.  From now on you can expect different kind of posts on a daily basis. Yaaay… I can’t wait to tell you all about the things that I am planning to do and all the amazing products that I’ve recently discovered. 

For now, lets focus on Milan’s expo that is currently one of the biggest attractions in Milan. 🙂 I went there twice (that is why two different outfits in the pics) and I have to tell you that by faaaaaar my favorite country’s pavilion is Azerbaijan! 

The expo market should be a global point for innovations from each country and to present each country’s sustainability plan. Truth be told it is nothing like that. From my point of view it is all about tourism and the attractions of the countries exhibiting.  They are mainly focusing on the typical dishes and touristic places of the countries. There was not much talk about sustainability or innovations at all. The two countries that in my opinion followed the theme the best were USA and Iran, which you’ll be able to see later in the post.

I was there on a night and daily pass. The night ticket wasn’t really what I expected – holders of a night ticket can enter at 7 and I arrived there at 6:45 and had to wait one full hour to get in (it would be waaay better if they would actually open all the entrances).  The daily ticket was better though, but it was still really crowded inside. I didn’t see a lot of pavilions because the lines were just too long. 

With the daily pass, we decided to walk at the far end of the expo and work our way up since we thought that would mean less crowds (it didn’t really).

Nepal’s pavilion

NepalI would assume that due to the earthquake that hit Nepal their pavilion was not finished and open for public. It is the first building that you see when entering the Expo. I really liked the architecture of it. 

Qatar pavilion


I really wanted to visit their pavilion however the line was always too long for me to enter.

Estonian pavilion


The view from the top level of the Estonian pavilion. 

Estonian pavilion

Estonian pavilion was a lot of fun with their wooden swings. 🙂

Oman pavilion


I reminded me of Aladdin a lot. 🙂

Oman's saying

Oman's entrance

I believe that the last two pics are kind of contradiction to each other… If the water is the greatest blessing, why would you put a big fountain at the entrance of the pavilion, shooting water all day long in 36 degrees Celsius weather? Not really sustainable…



We took big Russian selfie in the reflective overhang of the Russian pavilion after we decided not to wait in the entrance line. 🙂


BonsaiAmazingly big bonsai in front of the Japanese pavilion. But again line was too long to enter.


Iran's green concept

Iran was one of those countries that kind of followed the theme with all the greenery and presentations with improvements that they are doing. The other cool feature that they had is flooring with virtual fish and water. 

Fish flooring

Tree of life

The centerpiece of the whole expo is the tree of life with big water fountain all around it. Every hour, there is a show with shooting water in the air accompanied with music.


And me of course using the rolling chair to enjoy the view. It was so much fun! 🙂

rolling chair    There would be no expo without trying different food and drinks!! 

food at expo


Last but not least, my favorite, Azerbaijan. They had a really amazing pavilion and I truly enjoyed it. 



design of the pavilion

So Azerbaijan is my favorite country pavillion just because of the amazing design and I really like the country as a whole. 

All in all, it was a great experience, however I feel that expo is not what it should be anymore. Predominantly it’s about tourism and that is not really it’s intended purpose. But if you have a chance to visit, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.




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