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Hi everyone,

So here I am again. Now living in California and I would really like to find good European style coffee place where you can relax and have your coffee and just enjoy life. I got kind of sick of all these coffee chains that offer really low quality of coffee (at least in my opinion, I am not saying it’s not good but the quality doesn’t seem right). Also, I am very curious what people here consider as a European style coffee place. I’ve seen a couple of signs hanging in front of coffee shops here and I would really like to put them to the test and see if they will meet my expectations. 😉

I was consuming Starbucks for the past couple of months and paying $5 for a coffee seemed really expensive, plus ordering is super weird. It’s something like this: skinny vanilla late medium hot no ice with a tiny little umbrella on the side and a red cup plus a cover and a holder so I don’t burn my fingers holding it because I have no time in my life to sit down and enjoy it…. ahhhhhhhh…WAIT WHAT?! Did I just spend the last couple of minutes ordering coffee, that is probably too big for me to drink, and half of it will end up in a garbage can? I guess so. Not only that, I did it through a drive through. Having said that, I have to mention, that the first time I saw a drive through Starbucks I thought it was really weird and I didn’t see the reason to do it however I tried it and eventually it’s just seemed normal and acceptable. With that kind of long ordering and all the processing they need to do, no wonder you pay over $5 for a cup of coffee. I am wondering what exactly happened with: “Can I have a cappuccino please?”, then you sit down and enjoy it? As far as I’m concerned, we do have only one life (that we are aware of) to enjoy, and to make it as pleasant as possible and why not do it over a cup of hot fresh cappuccino. 

Not only that, I ordered a tea last night when I went out to meet some new people. I paid $4.65 for a cup of tea… Well, lets think about it for a second… boiling water, tea bag and cup can’t possibly be that much. Yeah, yeah, I know I am just being a European and I am used to paying $1.60 and it’s different culture with the whole drinking tea and coffee thing, but still… Let’s see what I can find here that will be cost and quality comparable to Europe. 🙂

I found several places that I am going to try in the next couple of days/weeks and see how I feel about it and if their sign as a “European” coffee shop really justify it. 🙂

  1. Cafe Daniel in the old part of my town

I actually been inside the coffee shop to see how it looks and feels like however I didn’t have time to actually sit down and have a cup of coffee. They also have a sign in front of their place that says European Bistro so lets see what we can get there. 🙂

Cafe daniel

2. Cafe Espresso
Based on their pictures it seems like a nice place. Reviews say that is tiny and they suppose have really good coffee. Let’s try and see.

cafe espresso 
3. Creme de La Creme bakery
Based on their name it’s sounds promising. 

cdelac bakery

4. Rivoli Deli & Coffee 
According to their pictures this place seems like my next favorite place in my new area. I saw their paninis and coffee mugs and it seems great. Can’t wait to visit this place! 

ravoli deli and coffee
5. Aromas Coffee and cafe
Pictures that I’ve seen show little place that has vintage spirit but hopefully they have also great coffee and cozy atmosphere. 

Aromas caffee

6. Overflowing cup coffeehouse 
This place in a religious kind of place at least according to their pictures. BUT let’s give it a try and see what they have to offer. I read some great reviews and maybe it is great! 🙂 
overflowing cup

So, this is it. Six places, can’t wait to explore and see what they have to offer. I haven’t done anything like this before and it will be a great thing to do to conclude 2015 with a great cup of coffee that doesn’t cost a fortune. 🙂



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