Instagram 2016 recap

Instagram recap of 2016

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2016 was a really amazing year for me and I’ve learnt so much about my life here in the US and now I am way better with day to day tasks. 🙂 You live, you learn. I just wanted to share some amazing moments from 2016 and kind of sum it up with this collection of pictures from my Instagram.

I’ll insert them in chronological order.

My very good friend visited me here in California from Europe and we were exploring SoCal wineries. 🙂

Temecula vally 

We spent an entire day on the beach despite the weather not being sunny or warm.

Oceanside beach California


I visited Denver and the Denver Botanic gardens.

Denver Botanic gardens


LA trip and Walk of fame.

Los Angeles walk of fame


LACMA; really amazing, can’t wait to go back.

Los Angeles county museum of modern art


Park next to Beverly Hills sign.

Beverly hills


Our first year wedding anniversary; we spent it on top of San Jacinto mountain.  

San Jacinto tramway


Got a new car!!! Totally in love! Can’t believe it actually happened last year! 

New car - mercedes benz


Finally, I decorated my house for the Christmas holidays! My dogs got their little stockings as well. 🙂

Christmas decorations


We traveled to northern California to visit Sonoma valley and it was amazing! 

Sonoma vally


We took a quick trip to Napa valley.

Napa valley


On the way back we took a quick stop in San Francisco.

San Francisco and golden gate bridge


We tried to go to San Jacinto again but the wait was 4 hours so we just spent the day in Palm Springs. 

Palm Springs


Just before New Years we spent two days in San Diego and it was a blast! 

San Diego


Sunset in San Diego.

San Diego harbor


And finally New Years eve and the end of 2016. It was amazing and I really love my family. 

New Year 2016

2016 went by so fast and I still can’t believe its over. I feel very optimistic for 2017 and can’t want to see what the future holds for me. 



Gaia J.

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