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I just wanted to take a moment and talk about working out. Truth be told, for the past year I wasn’t working out at all; well that doesn’t really work in America with all the American food around me. I am proud to say that I’ve been a pescetarian for one year now and I really like it.

Not working out in Europe did not result in me gaining weight, I just wasn’t that strong. Ever since I moved to the US, I started gaining weight and I really don’t like it. I love food and its hard for me to resist it, so I had to start working out; 1. to go back to my normal weight and, 2. to stay healthy.

 I started with “Insanity” a week ago for the third time. I finished it once in Europe and did 8 weeks just before the Thanksgiving in 2016. I decided to post a weekly update on every “off” day (Wednesday). 

For all of you that don’t know what Insanity is: its a 60 day program with Shaun-T and his group of people working out. It comes on a DVD and each day you do a designated video (towards the second month sometimes 2). You can read more about it here

So the first week went by pretty smoothly, obviously its hard but I’ve done 8 weeks month and a half ago; therefore I expect the first two weeks to go by pretty smoothly. I don’t expect a lack of motivation or a day when I really don’t feel like doing it.

You also do a “fit test” where you measure your progress through time. Here are my results for the first week “fit test”:

Switch kicks 77
Power jacks 46
Power knee 90
Power jumps 25
Globe jumps 90
Suicide jumps 12
Push-up jacks 16
Low plank oblique 51

I am really sore, I was barely able to walk my dogs on Monday but hopefully my soreness should go away in the next couple of days. Here is a picture of me in the first week. I will keep track of my progress to see whether or not my body will actually start changing. 

Work out

So that is me right now, I don’t feel really comfortable posting this picture but just want to keep it real. Will post more about this next Wednesday.  



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