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Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my dogs; I have a morkie (maltese and yorkie mix) and a yorkie (he is actually 15lbs (7kg), so not a typical yorkie). 

Her name is Momo and she is the most spoiled dog you can imagine. Warm blankets are her favorite and staying cozy as much as possible; she doesn’t play with any toys and its only interested in sleeping. 🙂 She is going to be 5 on February 18th. 

His name is Matisse by french painter Henri Matisse. He is the only dog from his litter that grew up that big and that his ears don’t stand up. We got him in when we lived in Italy so he is actually from Tuscany. He just turned 3 in November. He loves toys, especially the squeaky ones.  

They love each other despite all their differences. 

So here are a few pics of Momo, she is so easy to take pictures of. I had to “force” her to stay in a few places but she did great! 🙂

Momo modeling


She loves running around in the grass! 



Momo and I, she is all about giving and receiving kisses (don’t mind my funny face)! 

Momo and I


Pink name tag, pink everything; it just looks so good with her colors! 



Last but not least, she loves to sleep, and sleep, and sleep,… She can sleep all day, every day.

Momo the morkie


Now Matisse, my baby boy! 

Yorkie Matisse


It was so funny that I was able to get basically the same picture in the same spot of both of them. 

Matisse and his long tongue


He is always so happy and just wants to play but then its time to take pictures he puts up a serious face. 🙂

Matisse Yorkshire terrier


He is quite big but I love him more than anything!



Last but not least for him, is that he LOVES his car seat and feel so safe riding in it. Immediately after I got it, he went in and he’s been riding in it ever since. My good boy! 


So this is quick introduction of my puppies. They make every day of my life better and make me a better person as well. I am sure you’ll see much more of them in the future!




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