Insanity week 2

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Just a quick update on my workout routine. I made it to the end of week two and I have to say I am doing quite well. I haven’t noticed any physical changes on my body but I feel stronger and I can do more jumps and squats and push-ups. 🙂

There was only one day where I really didn’t feel like doing it and it was Saturday. Luckily I have my husband with me, to motivate me to keep doing it and moving forward. 

I also decided to eat most of my meals at home as I really want to eat healthy and personally choose my ingredients, I buy mostly (90%) organic food just because I see great value in consuming food that wasn’t covered in pesticides and filled with growth hormones.

Anyway, I will continue to fight for my perfect body and try to stay healthy as much as possible!

Here is a quick snap of me after week 2:


Thank you for stopping by and supporting me reaching my goals!




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