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Insanity week 4 – end of month one

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Busy day behind me but I wanted to take a minute and write this post so that I won’t fall behind! 🙂

Anyway, today was another off day and the last day of month one, and I am quite happy about it. Now I have a “recovery week” which is a deep muscle work and a lot of pain; but you know what they say, no pain no gain. 😀

Not too hard of a week, I actually quite enjoyed it. A little bit scared for month two since the exercises become longer and harder but I will take it one day at a time and first finish the recovery week. 

As of changes on my body; I feel like I didn’t lose any weight but I definitely feel stronger, I can do more repetitions, and last longer with exercises. I am not watching my diet and I really should. So for the next 5 weeks I am going to pay close attention to my diet and to preparing more meals at home so that I can ensure the quality of food that goes into my meals. 

So that is that, new goals for the next 5 weeks and hopefully I can keep my word. I’ll definitely keep you posted with whatever will happen. 

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