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Hi everyone, welcome back! 

OK, I’ve been procrastinating with this post for about 2.5 weeks but the reason is that I really wanted to try on all of the products so that I can tell you my opinion about the box itself as well as the products that I got. 

So I would just like to say that I didn’t know a lot beauty products that are on the market and I wasn’t sure what to buy and which products work for me best. So I heard a lot about all this beauty boxes but I wanted one where I can actually go to the store and buy it, therefore I decided to subscribe to the Sephora Play box!  Truth be told is that I was waitlisted for about 6 months so that wasn’t that nice but I got in and I am really happy with it. I will try to blog about it every month so that I can tell you my opinion about the products. So far I got two boxes, one in December and this one in January. 

sephora play bag

January Play! box:

These are all the products that I got, I really like the bag that it came in! I got 6 items from which I really don’t like 2 and I am on the fence about one. If you’d like to know more please keep reading. 🙂

sephota play

 1. Tory Burch – Love relentlessly perfume:

Love, love, love!!! It smells amazing and I am seriously thinking about picking up a full bottle! Amazing! Its really hard for me to find a good perfume. I love Dior’s Hypnotic Poison and it’s my holy grail so to find another perfume that I love is quite rare. 🙂 Here is link to is in full size: Tory Burch, Love Relentlessly

Tory Burch perfume

2. Clinique almost lipstick

To be honest, at first I was really unsure about this but once I applied it on my lips, had a completely different impression. I really like it, the color is amazing and its a very soothing and comfortable feeling on my lips. Here is a link to it in full size: Clinique almost lipstick 

clinique lipstick

3. Tarte Frxxxtion Stick cleanser:

This product is amazing! It was weird in the beginning when you apply it, it doesn’t seem exfoliating at all; I didn’t feel any grains or anything but when you actually use your hands to move it around its really great! It leaves your skin super soft! Its just funny to have your face completely black. 🙂 Here is link to the full size product: Tarte Frxxxtion Stick exfoliating cleanser

Tarte cleanser

4. Ouai – treatment masque 

This is the product that I was on the fence about. I don’t think it did much for me, I didn’t see anything different with my hair. It smells nice but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it any time soon. I typically do a coconut oil mask for my hair and I love it! Here is the link to a full size product: Ouai – treatment masque 

hair treatment mask

5. Youth to the people – age prevention cream

To be honest this cream just felt heavy and quite greasy on my face. It was just so heavy and I didn’t like it. Its made from kale, spinach, and green tea and I was really hopeful; but it just isn’t for my skin type but I am sure some people would love this cream.  Here is link to a full size product: Youth to the people – age prevention cream

YTTP age prevention cream

6. AmorePacific – color control cushion SPF 50+

Ok, I totally hated this product. The texture of it is not good, not for me. So heavy and thick. I really prefer light to medium coverage that can be build up but sadly this just isn’t for me. I don’t like this trend of foundations in cushions, so I’ll just pass. Link to full size product: AmorePacific – color control cuchion SPF 50+

Amore Pacific foundation set

So that is it, I hope you liked this and as I said I will do another one of these next month, so please stay tuned. All in all, I liked this box and I am really happy that I tried all these new products, this is a good way for me to discover what I like and what I dislike. It would be a true shame to go out and spend all this money on full size products and then discover that some of them were a waste of money. I am really happy that Play! is $10 a month including shipping and then I get to choose what I’ll buy in full size.

 Thank you for reading!







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