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Insanity week 5 – end of recovery week

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Hi everyone!

Ok, so I did this recovery week which actually isn’t that bad. BUT, I am really not excited for whats coming. I have a double exercise starting tomorrow and I can just see myself being super exhausted. 

Recovery week is about taking things slow and working more on deep muscle work and I like that. I just feel that there should be more stretching at the end. You do all those deep muscle workouts and then you end the work out with 2.5 minutes stretch and I just don’t think that is enough.

I can see some changes on my belly, I feel a lot better and generally I have a lot more energy. So all in all its a very positive change. My expectations for this are not to be super skinny or to have a perfect body. I just want to have a bit of a progress and work with that; I really don’t want to have a yo-yo effect and I just want to progress slowly.

I will keep you updated thorough the next couple of really hard weeks and we’ll see if I’ll make some more progress.

Thank you for stopping by!



P.S.: I have a few really exciting announcements and posts coming up so please stop by in the near future! 

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