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Insanity week 6 and 7

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So… I missed last week’s update and here is why… we decided to do a ton of landscaping in our back yard (hmm… I might even do a little update on that in a separate post) but landscaping companies around here are quite expensive, especially labor wise. So we decided to do a lot of work by ourselves; therefore we were working outside all day long and just didn’t have enough energy to do Insanity as well so we took about 10 days off.  

We did however finish the previous fit test and here are the results: 

  Fit test 1 Fit test 2 Fit test 3
Switch kicks 77 89  105
Power jacks 46 53 58
Power knee 90 96 105
Power jumps 25 29 35
Globe jumps 8 9 10
Suicide jumps 12 14 13 
Push-up jacks 16 22 25
Low plank oblique 51 58 65

Actually, I am quite surprised that this is the progress that I made, I won’t actually skip these past two weeks but I will just add them to the end. I was planning on repeating month 2 anyway, so I’ll definitely make sure that I do all of it if not more. 

Body wise… As I said before I don’t see any physical change but I definitely feel stronger, I am sure it’s just because I don’t eat healthy enough. Or… I don’t know and I will be honest, it is frustrating a bit but I know no matter what that it is good for my body and I won’t give up that easily.

Once again, thank you for stopping by and I’ll be surely posting more updates regarding my fitness journey.  



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