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European vacation – Milan, Italy

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so here we go again, as some of you may know I’ve been on vacation in April and it was really awesome. We went to Europe, 3 different countries, 5 cities and it was amazing!

So, let’s start in the beginning; with the plan. We decided to see northern Italy, northern Croatia and Slovenia; therefore we started with Milan-Venice-Opatija-Ljubljana-Milan-Rome. Tight schedule for 14 days but its was amazing.

Today’s post will be about Milan. I spent A LOT of time in Milan in the past, I met my husband in Milan, and its is just a very special city for me. I will tell you all about my favorite restaurants, places to visit, etc.

After a 14+ hour flight, I just couldn’t wait to get to the hotel, I was really tired and just wanted to take a nap. 😀 lol We stayed  in hotel called Principe di Sevoia, very close to downtown. The service there was amazing and it was very beautiful!

Principe di Savoia

Our room:


hotel room in Milan Italy


After my rest all the fun began; we went to one of my favorite tapas bars in Milan! This is me super excited to be back, ridding the metro and soon getting some amazing food at: il Tasca

Republblica metro stop

 Just down the street of this amazing tapas bar is this lovely basilica, called Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore it sits on a lovely square and in the night time looks really amazing!

Basilica san lorenzo

The next couple of days we spent time in Brera, old part of Milan, enjoyed a lot of great food and did a lot of shopping! 🙂 

old part of milan

And you just can’t go to Italy without enjoying great calzone and Aperol Spritz! Yeeeey! 

Italian calzone

The pizza was really yummy!

Aperol spritz

Last but definitely not least was Milan Duomo! I just can’t get enough of that building! JUST AMAZING!

Milano duomo

And of course I needed a selfie! 😀 

So this is first 3 days of my vacation. This is very briefly, Milan is a lot more than this, just amazing city for shopping, eating good food and relaxing!

Thank you for stopping by and please come back to see more post from my European vacation! 🙂





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