Winter sale

Winter sale

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Here it is!! First post of 2018! I truly hope everyone had a great start this year! 
I did some shopping during the winter sale time and I just wanted to show you these lovely items.
I am sure those who follow me on Instagram know that I recently moved out of California but about that maybe some other time. 

Hope you’ll enjoy this post and I’ll be uploading more soon.  

First I wanted to talk about these two sweaters, I needed something a bit warmer so I picked up these two. I was unable to find the grey one from Zara online, but this one is quite similar here, hopefully that helps. and the white one is from Asos and you can find it here.  

Zara and Asos sweater

Next up are the hat and scarf; earlier this winter I got this incredible long blue coat and I wanted something warm but stylish to go with it. I typically wear my beret but with Minnesota winter I needed something that covers my ears. 🙂 I really like the the scarf is suuuuuuper long and I can wrap myself in it really tight. You can find these two here and here.

asos hat and scarf

Last but definitely not least, lets talk about the booties; these are my 3rd pair. I love love love them.First pair I bought back in August immediately when i saw them on Steve Maddens website. I wanted to have a back up in black and then I also got them in green. You can find them here. They are just so comfortable, I wear them ALL THE TIME!

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