Safari park San Diego

Safari park in San Diego

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Howdy everyone! 

I really hope everyone is doing well. It is already February but it is still very cold up here in Minneapolis! We are trying to stay really warm and cozy! 
I was looking through the pictures on my computer and I found photos from the Safari park in San Diego, and I thought it would be awesome to do a little #tbt to summer time. 🙂 

My husband and I had season tickets for San Diego zoo which also gives you admission to the Safari park as well. I loved the San Diego Zoo and I like that they are a non profit organization that helps revive endangered species. 
Safari park is not actually in San Diego and its more of a hike type of a place, the paths are longer and a bit up the hill. I enjoyed it very much. Its also much bigger than the zoo.

First when you walk in you go through the bird enclosure and you get to see all these pretty birds in different colors! 

orange bird

You can also see them get fed and they are just so cute! 

bird with a fish

I just love all these beautiful creatures and colors and I get really inspired! 

bird on the tree

These two are so beautiful! 

bird in safari park

You can also go and see their bird show and it is incredible!!! They have all sorts of exotic birds flying around and they are so well trained. It is just so hard to take a good quality photo because they are so fast! So this one will have to do. 🙂

bird show in safari park

I love, love, love their flamingos! It is just so many of them! 

flamingos in safari park

After I am done with all the bird stuff I’d go to see the gorillas! The last time I was there they had a baby!  I was just so so so cute to see! 

gorillas in safari park

After that I would “hike” up to see the California condors. Story about them just really touched me deep down and it is a proof that humans can be very cruel. What happened was that n 1982 there was only 22 condors left on the entire planet and luckily they were able to take them out of the nature and breed them and now we have more than 400 of them. They are releasing them back into the wild but they are still an endangered species. Just so sad. Here is a link to learn more. The last time I was there I wasn’t able to get a good shot of them but what I did get, was a shot of this cute little owl! 

owl in safari park

 I really love it there and I love their intentions to help and preserve endangered species. That is very dear to me. I enjoyed all my visits! There is just so much to do. You can ride a tram around the park and they talk about all the animals that you see along the way, or you can go on a balloon ride and get a beautiful panoramic view of the safari park. 

safari park

This waterfall is so beautiful and the sound of water is great! 

safari park

On the way to see the condors you get to see these amazing cactus plants and great views! 

safari park

A little rest before heading back home. Every time we’ve been there it was amazing and I will always have great memories of this place! 




San Diego Safari Park
San Diego Zoo
California Condor
Donations to the Zoo and Safari park

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