About Always, Gaia


My name is Gaia and currently I don’t really have a city that I live in since I am traveling a lot (and I love it). I am spending my time in different cities for a couple of months each. I am still in college, studying economics but my true loves are fashion, art, and food. My favorite painter is Gustav Klimt and I am in love with his paintings. I am also a huge animal lover, proud owner of 2 little dogs. 

I always had a wish to be a fashion blogger, to be able to talk and express myself through fashion. I find it very interesting how each and every person has a different definition of fashion.

My life in general has never been like in a fairytale so I am really  happy for all the people that support me and wish me all the best. Thank you.


If you have any questions or just to say hi, feel free to email me.